The Easy 8 Step Method For Total Hair Care In The Monsoons

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The Easy 8 Step Method For Total Hair Care In The Monsoons

Let’s talk about caring for your hair the natural, non-synthetic way. What are the things you got to know about caring for your hair during the monsoons? Let’s go.

1. Rainwater can make your scalp sweaty and sticky and your hair frizzy and damaged. Too much of the drench can even result in scalp infection.

2. Use a mild shampoo to wash off all the rain-related mess in your hair. Mild moisturizing shampoo keeps the moisture in the hair follicles. Use if 2-3 times a week.

3. Use any hydrant conditioner for deep hair conditioning, hair damage protection and locking in the moisture after a wash.

4. Use only a dry, fresh towel to dry your hair after the shampoo. And do it gently!

5. Now use coconut oil or olive oil to oil hair for further moisturization and prevention of hair breakage and better strength.

6. Cover your head for protection against pollution, dirt, and humidity when going outside and it is about to rain or is raining.

7. Try a home-based hair mask every week.

Mix egg oil, yogurt, egg whites, banana, olive oil, and even aloe vera. Apply the resulting lotion onto your hair scalp.

This will give your hair fresh nourishment and that priceless, shiny look.

8. Eat well during the monsoons.

Avoid caffeine, fizzy drinks, junk foods, etc, all of which cause your body to dehydrate and may result in hair fall.

Avoid junk food altogether, especially during the monsoons.

Go for a protein-rich diet – milk, fruits, green leafy vegetables, soya, and eggs are a good starting point.

Don’t let the season be a reason for your damaged hair, take care of your hair to truly enjoy the rains like you want to!

Now, you can go out and enjoy the rains – the fresh, Dewey air, washed plants, shiny roads and that fresh, cool air in your face.

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