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Hair Loss Analysis

Nobody enjoys the prospect of losing their hair, yet it’s a reality for hundreds of thousands of people, 40 percent of whom are women. Male and female Hair loss often causes emotional stress and lack of self-confidence.

But before you spend money on hair treatments, it can be helpful to know how to measure hair loss to determine whether you’re really suffering unnatural hair loss. Measuring hair loss will help you find out if it’s having the desired effect.

To simplify this issue, we have a simple test that helps you determine your hair type:

Eyova Daily Hair Count Test


It’s natural to lose up to 100-150 hairs in a day. You can keep a check on that by literally counting your sheds for a period of 7 days. You have to collect all hairs you lose while washing and brushing your hair, as well as those that fall onto your clothes during the day and your pillow at night all count.

This is one of the clinical evaluation methods as well.

Eyova Daily Hair Count Test


Before shampooing your hair, sit on a white sheet, with a white pillow and a comb. Now, for 60 seconds comb your hair from the back of your scalp to the front. You need to repeat this procedure for three consecutive days of shampoo.

Count all the hair fallen on the pillow and stuck in the comb. One will understand if they are losing more than 100-150 hairs every day.

These tests aren’t diagnostic and are only meant to give you an estimate of amount of your hair fall and its early diagnosis.

In case you realize you are a victim of premature hair loss, there are several things you can do to tackle this problem.

Egg yolk oil: Applying egg oil regularly to your scalp is one way of controlling hair loss. Egg oil is extracted from the egg yolks and is a rich source of the essential fatty acids, antioxidants and cholesterol. It is readily available in the market and should definitely be a part of your monthly beauty regime.

A healthy diet: This is the most common suggestion for reducing hair loss. That’s because it’s the most important one. Our diet should comprise of all the essential nutrients required by our body especially for people suffering from hair loss.

Avoiding styling products: the heat treatment and chemicals involved in various styling processes are nothing but harmful for your hair and scalp. Their excessive use can damage your hair beyond immediate repair. Therefore people with hair loss should be wise enough to avoid using them.

Washing your hair with hot water, tying them up in a tight ponytail or braid, drinking sufficient water and massaging your scalp regularly to enhance the blood flow, are other practices that ensure reduction in hair loss.

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