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Premature Hair Graying

Grandma may have salt and pepper or silver hair, but for her it’s a part of normal ageing. However, graying or whitening of your hair may not necessarily be linked with age.

Hair graying is primarily caused due to depletion of the melanin pigment in hair. When hair starts graying earlier than is normal, turn to natural hair care solutions like white hair treatment oil.

There are several factors which cause premature hair graying like :

Washing your hair with hot water or resorting to other cosmetic, heat treatment and procedures.

Depression or mental stress for a prolonged period may cause premature graying of hair, since this reduces the production of melanin in hair. Stress also interferes with the tension of the scalp and thus interferes with the supply of vital nutrients.

Women usually suffer from hair loss or thinning hair as they get older, or during pregnancy. Anemia may also be a contributing factor.

Hereditary factors and genes.

Premature Graying – Tips for Healthy Hair

Graying of hair can be delayed with the right hair oil for grey hair. Maintaining proper scalp hygiene, avoiding excess heat on the scalp and harsh chemicals, such as hair colours are some helpful hair care tips that can delay hair graying.

Egg oil, a powerful hair oil for white hair, is rich in omega 3 fatty acids, which is one of the natural hair care solutions for gray hair prevention.

As we age, so does our hair, causing it to become brittle. Omega 3 present in Eyova Egg Oil also helps prevent this hair problem by making it grow stronger.

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