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Post Pregnancy Hair Loss Bald Spots

The post pregnancy hair fall is natural and there is no need to worry about rapid hair fall or hair loss in women. However, there are beauty conscious women who may go for hair loss after pregnancy treatment and vitamins. It is advisable to consult with your physician and take hair treatment. The hair loss after pregnancy may gain back within your baby’s 1st birthday is usually true across the globe. However, you can use little natural hair oil during post pregnancy like the Egg oil Eyova. This is safe and brings excellent result to regain your lost hair.

How Long Does Postpartum Hair Loss Last

This is a biological phenomenon natural to all motherhood across the globe. Many women have regained their hair from 6-12 months after delivery. There is also little motherhood, who has felt partially bald patches. There are also women who have totally re gain their hair back within 2-3 years after pregnancy. Hence, it may depend up on hormones, genetic and overall health factors. In case, there is no hair re growth happening after 2-3 years, it is advisable to consult with a physician or take advice from registered alternative medicine practitioner.

Hair fall after Delivery and Hair Accessories

Most of the motherhood goes for hair accessories like wigs to hide their hair loss after pregnancy. These are temporary solutions and costly too. If you wear any tight hair accessories, there are chances to lose your existing hair.

How to Avoid Extreme Hair Loss after Pregnancy

The smart women usually trim their hair in their first trimester. This may be bob cut or totally trim their hair to boyish hair cut. It is advisable not to wear any tight hair accessories like hair clips, hairpins and hair band during pregnancy. This may lead to further hair damages and result in hair fall. If you groom your hair with large toothcombs, the hair fall by combing will become less. You must not towel roughly on your hair soon after taking bath. It is advisable to avoid all chemical based shampoos and electronic hair styling machines to make your hair fall worsen. Hair loss after pregnancy is natural and you can limit this by following the above-mentioned tips.

Go Natural for hair Care during Pregnancy and after Pregnancy

The Egg oil Eyova is 100% natural and is meant for topical application. The chicken egg is the main ingredient in oil form and comes with good fragrance. You can apply them by self and wash it away after few hours for better results. It is advisable to read Egg oil Eyova reviews and order them through online channels. This hair care product is available in e-commerce channel and is affordable too. This is the best hair solution for post pregnancy hair fall. Much-satisfied Moms have chosen to Egg oil Eyova to re gain their natural hair within short time. The hair loss after pregnancy can be regained by using natural hair oils like Egg oil Eyova.

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