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Eyova Bioactive Egg Oil – Complete Hair Loss Solution At Hand Eggs in an all new Avatar!

Market is flooded with varieties of hair-care products boasting about containing the best ingredients to arrest hair loss. Because of the frequent occurrence of hair drying, fall and uprooting, many people want some active hair loss solution. The present lifestyle, dietary habits, sleep patterns and environmental pollutions, are some of the prominent reasons why people are facing hair loss these days. These issues arising from dry scalp, to dandruff and gray hair, ultimately lead to loss of hair and baldness, which are worrisome for both men and women.

To cater to such troubling issues, we have come with revolutionary bio-active egg oil under our brand Eyova. With this amazing egg derivative oil, people can effectively find ways to stop hair loss and cater to many other problems in connection with hair.

How to stop hair loss with new Eyova egg oil from VAV Life Sciences:

There may be a question in your mind, if it is possible to get oil derived from egg? Is it possible? With hard work and continuous research, VAV Life Sciences from Mumbai has been able to come up with an innovative approach to extract egg derivatives and offer you in form of Eyova egg oil. Eggs are well known as one of the trusted and age-old methods of hair fall treatment. As per ancient Indian medicinal practice, application of egg on the scalp helps in offering nutrition to the hair roots, as well as helps to retain healthier and shinier hair. People do have the idea that applying egg protein and the yolk has been effective on hair; but Eyova hair oil has opened another opportunity to get the same benefits in form of a hair oil product.

Eyova – A complete hair loss solution:

It has been almost a decade now that Eyova hair oil is present in the market. Released by VAV Life Sciences after thorough research and development process, this hair oil has proved its mettle against preventing hair loss. With Eyova, you can get the best treatment for how to stop hair loss along with other benefits like delayed graying, strong roots, moisturized scalp, and shiny black hair. Moreover, ordering hair oil is also quite convenient from online stores, which is also available at your nearest cosmetic stores. Eyova has a potential to treat hair with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and more prominently with fatty acids to treat hair from its follicles in the scalp.

Worries of hair loss end with the Eyova egg bio-active oil:

Eyova hair oil is effectively able to prevent hair fall, premature graying and helps in keeping smoother appearance of your hair. It is also effective for both men and women and there are no side-effects, as well. With finest hair care components and proteins, this hair oil works wonders for many. Your hair loss worries can also be prevented with this amazing product with continuous use.

We know this product can do miracles to some. And so do our clients say about this revolutionary egg oil product. Order your pack today and feel the difference in a few applications!

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