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Egg Yolk for Hair Loss

Which part of egg is good for hair white or yellow is a common question for all, who are beauty conscious people. When comes to egg, it is a vital ingredient in making for hair care solutions or hair care cosmetics. The alternative medicine AYUSH does use eggs for making hail oil. The egg yolk for hair reviews are growing popular on the internet with the availability of egg yolk oil for hair loss and egg pack for hair loss. When comes to naturals, the Egg oil Eyova is popular topical solution for hair loss in men and women.

Benefits of Applying Egg on Hair

  • The egg yolk acts as natural hair conditioners.
  • Egg yolk contains biotin, which is important for new hair growth.
  • Egg yolk has essential amino acids to nourish your hair.
  • Your scalp and hair directly absorbs the proteins from egg yolk, when you apply as topically mask.
  • Egg yolk has sufficient minerals to strengthen your damaged hair.

How to Apply Egg on Dry Hair

Egg yolk for hair is important for proper external nourishment of your hair like the head scalp and damaged hair. The egg pack for hair loss can be a mixture or combination of 2-3 of natural substance, which may suit your hair conditions. The egg yolk pack can be made with the below mentioned ingredients.

Egg Yolk and Curd

This is best for dry hair as it soothes your scalp with chillness of the curd and act as good paste while mixing with egg yolk. Your hair may be short or lengthy; the mixing of curd holds your hair strands in a group and absorbs all the essential minerals required by your hair.

Egg yolk and Avocado

The Avocado is a good moisturizer for dry hair. When you prepare a mask with egg yolk, it acts as a natural hair conditioner for dry hair.

Egg Yolk with Coconut Hair Oil

The coconut oil is very good for hair loss treatment for men and women. If you mix egg yolk and coconut oil, you will get both the benefits of egg and coconut oil by preparing a mask and wait for few minutes before washing it away.

Egg Yolk with Honey and Hair Oil

Egg yolk for hair with mixture of honey and olive oil is the perfect combination to make egg pack for hair loss. The honey acts as moisturizer and olive oil is rich in vitamins essential for hair growth.

Wash your head with mild shampoo when you use all of the above pack in rotation. If you feel uncomfortable like getting headache, cold and irritation, it is advisable to use egg yolk oil for hair loss. The Egg oil Eyova is made of egg yolk and give you the same benefit of applying it as mask. It has good smell and in oil form. This is a natural product and available on all E-commerce channels. You can buy Egg oil Eyova at unbelievable price and use it as natural hair care solution.

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