Dandruff & Dry scalp

Treatment for Dandruff and Dry scalp using Egg oil

Dandruff is the shedding of loose, dead flakes from the scalp skin. It is a skin condition which affects nearly half the adult human population. Our scalp unlike any parts of skin, is more prone to infections, irritation or dryness. Inflammations and itchy scalp is a result of excessive use shampoos, heat styling, blow drying, coal tar chemistry based dyes etc. People tend to shed more hair than biologically normal, due to dandruff.
People usually use excessive quantities or frequency of shampoo for cleaning as they believe it would reduce dandruff. But these surfactants actually dry the scalp skin resulting in more dandruff and a vicious circle of cleaning - flaking.
Other causes for dandruff can be exposure to sun, fungus (microbial infection) and use of chemicals/dyes on scalp/hair.

Tips for Dandruff -

Some things which may hamper your day to day life is, waking up with flaky scalp and this lowers your self esteem ! The antioxidants lutein and zeaxanthin in Eyova, help improve your dry scalp condition. These xanthophylls increase skin elasticity and skin hydration. They are increase retention of superficial skin lipids and bring significant reduction in skin lipid peroxidation.

Dry scalp triggers dandruff, try to drink lots of water and moisturize your hair with egg oil etc.
Do not use excessive shampoo or styling products (like hairsprays and gels) which will further cause itchiness and flakiness
Using styling and heat treatments frequently causes scalp to become dry and finally causes dandruff !
Keep your scalp clean and healthy by following scalp hygiene
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