Grey hair is no longer the notion attached with old age. Nowadays young people also have grey hair. So age cannot be the sole reason behind the problem of grey hair. There are various different causes of grey hair which people must know in order to control the growth of grey hair.

hair-grayingCauses of grey hair

  • Age is definitely the first and foremost reason behind the rapidly growing grey hair. It is perfectly normal to face different changes in one’s body with the growing age. Therefore, hair is one of the body parts that are affected by the age.
  • Lifestyle of a person is a determining factor in growth of grey hair. Stress and tension is directly associated with the increasing grey hair. Various habits like smoking have a direct impact on the hair.
  • Environmental conditions like exposing to direct sunlight, or exposed to dusty climate is a major cause in the growth of grey hair. People may face the problem of grey hair due to the natural climatic conditions.

These are some of the basic causes of grey hair. There are various other causes like any kind of health issue which involves in intake of medicines that would affect the hair of a person or use of excessive chemicals on the hair that would leave severe after effects on the hair.

Home remedies for grey hair

Gray hair can be treated well with the various home remedies. There is no major need of going to any hair specialist with this problem. One of the easiest home remedies for grey hair is using the egg oil. The various extracts of egg are enriched with all the basic nutrients required in the hair. This hair oil acts as filler in the roots of the hair and reduces the problem of grey hair. Another way to cure grey hair at home is with the use of hair packs.