Eyova Brings to You, Egg Oil for Complete Hair Care!

Eggs are nature’s nutritional storehouse. Reap the benefits of this nutrition with Eyova, a natural egg oil for hair. If you are looking for an organic and effective solution for all your hair woes, Eyova Egg Oil is the way for you!

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Eyova, The Natural Path to Healthy Hair.

Eyova is a hair nutrient with Egg oil as its active component. This oil is derived from the yolk of chicken eggs and containsbioactives that heal and strengthen your hair naturally. Meant to sustain new life, eggs contain nutrients like Long Chain Polyunsaturated essential Fatty Acids (LC-PUFA), Cholesterol, Antioxidants Xanthophylls including Lutein & Zeaxanthin and Immunoglobullins; these work in collaboration to enhance the health of your hair.

Benefits of Eyova

Egg oil contains bioactive which work together to enhance your hair health:

  • Prevents premature hair loss
  • Reverses early hair graying
  • Repairs hair damage
  • Adds shine & luster to hair

Hair fall blues! Evade with Eyova Hair Nutrient!

Almost no one is devoid of the allurement provided by the high claims by lots of companies that promise plenty of hair on application of their hair care products like shampoos, massage oils and creams. Even you must have tried these methods, some which you have heard from peers or been advised by some so called hair therapies. If you are looking at our page of Eyova for taking care of hair fall control, it is possible that you have tried lots of methods already. But we will guide you through the scientific explanations of using the oil for how to stop hair fall as a huge relief to you along with providing the right information on the usage, the efficacy and the problems of hair fall that can be solved.

Solutions of how to stop hair fall based on egg’s bioactive components:

Eyova is meant to revive your hair naturally. This assurance will be of benefit for all our customers because they will not fear any more fall of hair, sometimes seen as after effects of the oils available in the market. Besides, the chicken egg is rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids, xanthophylls, lutein, immunoglobulins and zeaxanthin. Each of these ingredients is a natural component of this egg derivative. It is believed and proved to be highly beneficial because of their ability to sustain new life and hence provides solutions of how to stop hair fall.

Components that help arresting hair fall:

Almost all the ingredients inside the egg derived oil of Eyova have the property to strengthen the hair. When this strengthening is done from the roots and follicles up to the strands, it is necessarily working on the scalp. These actions provide benefits to the hair strands, such as strengthening the follicles, providing lustrous looks, smooth flow and can be very good solutions for hair loss prevention. To a large extent, Eyova oil have been used and proven to be effective control for hair strand falling or detaching from the roots.

In many ways, along with prevention of hair fall, Eyova works for hair health:

Since the ingredients present in the egg oil have already been proven to be beneficial for the hair in one way or the other, these can be solutions of how to stop hair fall in the long run. Along with this kind of action, our product is tested for preventing premature hair loss, reversing graying of hair, repairing damaged hair and making the strands look shiny and lustrous. Due to these additional benefits, our customers have found this egg oil very effective.

Complete hair fall control solutions with Eyova:

When you try Eyova for how to stop hair fall, you will become one of our success stories. The benefits include in terms of prevention of hair fall, strong hair strands and smooth, silky and shiny hair. When this single oil is able to work on so many aspects, it surely is a product to try when you start worrying about fall of hair and baldness issues. Once used consistently for four to six consecutive weeks you will find it useful and return every time for your hair health. Contact us at eyova@vav.in today for your new all solution treatment for hair loss and hair fall!

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